Why does it keep going?

In a bit of overoptimism I began a Gold Leaf Auto on Aug 3, outside. Hoped to beat the freeze but did not. So moved it inside under quality grow light mid October. Right about when I’d expect, the really large fans began to die off and I expected to harvest by Nov. The plant is still in a vegetative state and rapidly adding leaves in late January. It’s grown 4" in January alone. Very dense along stalk and sugar leaves show lots of resin but not much flower. I’d estimate there are still weeks to go based on my limited experience with both Autos and regular fems. We’re at literally 25 weeks and counting! Anybody know what’s going on here? I want to start some new plants in a couple weeks but don’t want to quit on this one if we’re in the home stretch!

How about a picture in white light to see condition of plant. Sometimes Ruderalis genes don’t express and you have to use 12/12 light schedule on them. Sounds like what happened, or it started to re-veg.


Sent the photo via email. The possibility of ruderalis not expressing would make some sense. While it has the smaller size, the long veg state is more akin to a regular plant, particularly because it hasn’t flowered yet. Should I immediately go to a 12/12 schedule or is it best to ease the plant from 16/8 to 12/12? Thanks.

Here it is in natural light.

From what I’ve seen on here & what I do is flip it to 12/12, no waiting just flip it. @imSICKkid please correct me if I’m wrong.

Flip that pup! The change from environment may have stressed it back to veg state. I’m not an expert, but that’s my opinion. Don’t give up on your baby.

Same boat day 72 all autos from ILGM no flower

These actually look great! Although you’d sure like to see flowers starting by 72 days. That’s why I’m bewildered with being more like 172 days without a bloom.

Don’t know if you saw the response from ILGM in which they indicated that sometimes the Ruderalis genetics do not manifest fully. So speculating that my plant inherited the size gene but not the non photosensitive gene. People have suggested immediately going to 12 hour light cycles to see if that will trigger it to start blooming. I will do that and keep folks posted. My only hesitation is that they mentioned a plant could re-veg. Mine is currently doing that at a prodigious rate. So it seems happy. Part of me wants to just let it keep growing.

The problem is that this single plant is growing under lights. My plan was/is to start a new batch in February for a couple months before moving outside when it gets warm. I don’t really have the space for the seedlings and a 3 foot plant.

Gold Leaf is a brand new cross strain. One wonders if this is a kink that needs to be worked out or if it’s not going to fly in the long run because of things like this. A high percentage of other plant hybrids show promise but then don’t pan out for some reason. I hope this one does because my impression of ILGM is they are very conscientious regarding their business. I’m pleased with other strains I’ve received from them and Bergman seems truly proud of the strain.

My overall reaction is not that it may be there is nothing wrong with Gold Leaf, per se; I just ordered some regular GL seeds. I’m more inclined, with my limited experience, to question the whole concept of Auto varieties if you aren’t faced with significant space or time constraints. The amount of work is pretty much the same for regular plants. So the yield for the money and effort doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I raised 4 or 5 varieties of Autos in the same outdoor environment as the regulars last summer. None came anywhere close to the yield I hoped for. All of the regular ones did great.

I think one of the things I learned is that different strains and types get really different results depending on the environment. The trick is keep doing what works for you and stop doing what doesn’t. Trying something new is always a bit of a gamble, so don’t bet the farm! Given the time and energy many of us dedicate, it’s important to have some success every year. So I’m diversifying and building up a bank of experience. And building a bank of seeds so I can experiment and learn.

Last year I failed far more than I won. But I harvested enough and had a lot of fun.


Well said. Sound advice. Learn, grow, have fun, enjoy your rewards, repeat! :call_me_hand:t3:

Are those single blade leaves about 3-5nodes down from the top? If so it sure looks like a Photo that re-veged.
This is a goldleaf clone that I tried to re-veg and could not get it to stop flowering. A lot of the new growth on top was single blade leaves.