Why are my leaves standing up while in dark?

Sup guys, so I put my 2 plants outdoors that i put in a tent for 12h of darkness to start flowering. I woke up rn (5:40am) to check on them. They where perky and leaves where standing straight up. Ik this is a good sign of the plant being healthy, I see it every morning on sunrise. But I wasn’t expecting it to do this while in dark? I thought she should be asleep until I put her back out in the sun? Only info I find on this was plants perk from the light. But I have no light in my tent lol. Anyone know why there doing this or is it normal?

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Welcome to the forum but is normal just praising letting you know that they’re happy with what you’re giving them and telling the ganja gods thank you lol

They get used to a light cycle and posture accordingly.
Leaves will droop in anticipation of lights off and raise just before lights on.
Perfectly Normal situation.