Why are my leaves so far apart?

Its been about 7 weeks, these are autoflowering, cheese and I forget the other. But shouldn’t they be close to budding or leaves closer together? I am using a natural potting soil, basic grow lights from home depot, no fan or exhaust. Temps are around 70. All the other plants I see, leaves look tight together etc…! I posted picture let me know if it worked

What lights exactly? They may not be enough.

Box says T5 120v

I just ordered a 1500w lamp for delivery sat, hopefully it’s not too late

how high do you have them. they need to be fairly close to be effective. I would say 12-14"

Lamps are less than a foot on the bigger plants probably around 5 inches away

Yeah it’s not enough light. And hopefully you didn’t spend much on that “1500 watt” light because I’ll guarantee it isn’t 1500 actual watts.

When your plant was a seedling, your lights weren’t strong enough or too far away

Topping them will slow down the vertical growth, and whenever you get your new light they should bush out. The internodal spacing won’t tighten up from what you have now. But all the lower branches that develop after the top should be tighter. After that, she should be fine.

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Awesome, thank you all, since I am at about day 50, these are supposed to start flowering at 56, is that too late to top the plant? Is there a time frame when I shouldn’t top them?

If these are autos, they should be flowering by now. I think the weak light has slowed them down.

2 things - read up on pruning autos before you do. It’s generally not recommended but in your case you may want to. Also, you NEED a fan. Not just airflow but your plants need the slight motion to grow strong stems.

Thank you, I will definately read up on the prunning autos. Yes they are autos, and yes I did notice that they are going into the flowing stage. Wondering if it is too late for pruning, I will add a a fan tonight. Thank you

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