Why all the hate with ILGM 🧬

I see this alot on FB. A random negative ILGM comment with no context. A few ILGM growers responded I blacked out names to protect the innocent :joy: my comment is I grew 9 plants and all went well. A few others chimed in.


The facebook pages are often sponsored by growers, competitor bashing is not uncommon…Cheap tactics, IMHO


Its more of a smoke screen, ive had great results with my ILGM strains and will continue to do so. I have other vendor beans some are as goid at the Genetics and others no. They all grow so different we do play a major part of it.


ILGM seeds are definitely solid. Too many good plants to be bad seeds.

The Phylos genetics is a bad look. I have heard it mentioned in no less than 5 top cannabis podcasts in the last 2 weeks. Nothing but hatred and disdain. I had never heard ILGM mentioned in a podcast before except in neutral shout outs. Never in a negative way. Well, the horse manure has come out and they are throwing it at ILGM hard for pairing up with phylos.

Phylos is the worst example of bad faith bait and switch. I would not be surprised if someday their headquarters got burned down from the hatred they left behind in the legacy cannabis community. They collected genetics from growers for years to crowd source genetics to prevent patenting of small breeder unique cannabis genetics from corporate overlords.

Then, hired a corporate overlord from big pharma, fired all the people that cared about cannabis, and said we are going to use your genetics to breed now. Tough luck all you losers that trusted us and submitted samples to phyllos in good faith.

The final irony, is I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if phylos genetics were the first effort to come out and start patenting all the classic cannabis strains. I’m just waiting for that in the news reel.

It’s like if Churchill and Roosevelt overlooked the natzis because they had everyone’s else’s fire genetics for sale. Not a good example, but about the same amount of bad karma.

7 years spider mites and aphids to anyone who grows those bad karma seeds. Yikes.

Bad bad look ILGM


You’re not wrong about Phylos but patenting strains is bullshit anyway. That just protects originator from others recreating and selling as original. I would be more concerned about gmo varieties that are resistant to breeding altogether.