Why all the hate with ILGM 🧬

I don’t understand and will somebody please explain to me why everybody hates on ilgm genetics… Besides 3 bag seed plants all I have ever run has been ILGM and I’m rather impressed with every grow except for the ones I screwed up you know.
I heard two different podcasts this morning on YouTube and the people was talking junk about them and I was kind of baffled so I started doing a little reading and it’s a thing and I don’t know why.

If a picture is worth a thousand words those podcast dummies must be blind or can’t read…


Holy crap what beautiful plants!!!


Thanks Growmie, I appreciate the kind words my friend @cntryby


Wow, very impressive ladies @DoneDeal


I do not hate ILGM, my first grow was c/o ILGM. I do tend to gravitate to what I perceive to be small operations just because. When I run a few more grows to clear inventory of existing seed, I will do an ILGM grow, if any to capture the coveted BOM!!


@Lostgirl :smiling_face::smiling_face: got me blushing like I just hit strawberry cough :joy::joy:… Thanks Growmie!!!


Well, I can only enjoy seeing the ILGM final products on this forum​:roll_eyes: However a fellow grower has relatives in Canada so we are plotting to place seed orders via Canada then ship from there to SA. At least then I can enter bud of the month :laughing:


@DoneDeal i assume some growers hold ILGM responsible for their less than perfect grow. I personally have had great success with beans from ILGM. I haven’t won bud of the month but that’s due to my inexperience. I do get seeds from other suppliers for various reasons but none that was due to not being happy with ILGM beans. One day I hope to get flowers as beautiful as yours and maybe I can win bud of the month. Is that strawberry cough strain? Absolutely awesome


We occasionally get a grower that does everything perfectly but can’t grow a decent plant. It’s never the grower’s fault but always the genetics.

I grow almost exclusively ILGM photoperiods and other than trying for a stronger terpene profile I’m as happy as can be with the product line. Normally get 12 oz. of dried flower per plant in a 3 gallon coco/Autopot setup.


Good eye my friend!! Some of the hot pink pictures are strawberry cough. Thanks Growmie for compliment my budro and keep on keeping on Growmie and BOM win will come in due time.


:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: Wow @Myfriendis410 you my friend are killing it :fire::evergreen_tree::fire::evergreen_tree::fire::evergreen_tree:



I am in the same boat and have never had any complaints with their seeds.


I’m a Canuck and they don’t ship here yet! I did just send them a message asking when they plan to, as I read they have a deal in the works. If they give me a timeframe I will let you know.


@Myfriendis410 genetics can be a problem I’ve seen it. In my experience the problems I’ve had I could easily feel it’s ILGM fault but I know the issues I’ve had has been due to my skills level. I’m only getting 8oz per plant but I’m getting there. Next grow maybe


I’ve had two plants over the years that did not behave. One was a Black Dogg that never put out defined flowers; just sugar leaves. The other was a Gold Leaf that produced small flower (although I topped that plant several times and likely too many).

The best plant I ever experienced was a Brother’s Grimm DT/C99 cross that had a terpene profile like you would not believe.

Currently smoking some Godfather OG that has a lovely aroma–from ILGM.

Really, once everything is dialed in you’ll just be on cruise control. I don’t put a lot of effort into my grow: good lights, good genetics, good practices etc. and they usually fall in line. I’ll have two smaller plants this go-round and expect 6 oz. per plant on those. The big ones will do 12.


@Myfriendis410 @John7 my best run has been banana kush auto with 11 oz off of one plant grown under a 200 watt light.


That’s a solid return for an auto! The guy that is crazy good with autos is @Not2SureYet. If you aren’t following him you should.


Some of the hate probably comes as a result of the behavior tolerated on other forums and the fact that the toxicity isn’t tolerated here. They show up in the ILGM forum, get called out for their behavior, and then get torqued off about it. They get all bent out of shape that they cannot call others idiots here, and some folks just enjoy the conflict.


Just my luck :laughing: I should have paid better attention when I went on a training course in Ohio 10 years ago. Should have found out the smokers and possibly could have made a plan that way :laughing::laughing:


So from what ive read since i dove down this rabbit hole, there have been two major things ive seen consistently mentioned on the internet and i will relay them here. Anyone with any issues on what im saying, just remember its not my opinion and strictly what ive read on the interner, a lot mostly on reddit. I have a 5x5 with 6 -1 gallons that ive been doing strictly ilgm since getting it, so i always have some running. 1 i invested money in the seeds and 2 its out of respect for the free forum im on daily. But anywho, here it is

  1. Ilgm has the reputation of being white label seeds across the internet world. No genetic lineage is provided other than this plant is a cross of this and this. Without the traceability, the white label term is used. Aka a bunch of seeds are just labeled and you actually arent getting said strain. And with them being some of the pricier seeds on the market, this doesnt sit well with quite a few people.

  2. I havent seen this one as often, but there are claims of ilgm and seed supreme being the same or something of the sorts. A large amount of the same big name strains available, and the return address on the shipping envelopes are the same. Ive never ordered from seed supreme so i cant say one way or another.

Again, not my opinions but these are the two biggies ive read over the years.