Who have the highest harvest and THC level?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Hey man, so i can see ur site is very clear about marijuana seeds with filters, outdoor, indoor, etc … so it’s clear. But i was wishing you guys could help me with a choice. So i’m a beginner with absolutely no experience looking for a strain. I’d like to have a strain who generates lots of flowers aka “GRAMS” which i can grow outside and also that “auto flower”. These are pretty much my 3 requirements and i would appreciate if you guys could help me with that like giving me a final choice who have the highest harvest and THC level. Thanks a lot”

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I would have to go with chronic widow, Afghan white widow og kush auto flower white widow super skunk you really can’t go wrong with anything you buy 100% guarantee if you go to The information on the site and click on details it will give you more info and percentages hope that help oh yeah and I would definitely join the forum great place great people and we can get you from start to finish


The yield is also included in addition to the other factors. Just have to go down further into the specific strain you are considering. The White Widow Auto seems to be popular!

Look under the details tab for yield. I will tell you that most Auto Flowering are not considered high Yielding.

Good luck!

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