Who has used BioBizz nutes?

Heyo everyone, so my plant is growing up quite nicely and i think ill soon have to give her some nutes. I bought BioBizz 3 pack which includes a grow bottle a bloom bottle and a max bottle. The schedule that they give is this one (disregard the other products they have one schedule for all of them) but it seems juanky to me, 2 week veg ?! 1ml/L ??? If I’m supposed to do half doses at first then this seems quite small. Also I keep using grow during flowering phase ? This is just so weird and confusing, has anyone used this before and what are your thoughts ?

@Gwiz I’m a few weeks into veg on my first run with biobizz. So far trying to dial in my feed but from what I’ve noticed my plants have shown no signs of too much feed. I think I ran around 700-900 ppm threw my first couple weeks of veg. I’m in coco mix. Running the whole biobuzz line.

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I use some nutrients where I dose 1ml per gallon. I find these very helpful. The one one the left is 1ml with 1/4 ml markings and the one on the right is 5 ml with 1/2 ml graduations.

I put the 2L container next to it for size reference.

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