First time grower - Atami B'cuzz nutes

Hello everyone,

first time on the forum, and I am very excited! I ve read lots of posts already and this community seems awesome!!
I hope you can help me out since I am approaching the start of my third week on my auto and I have to start feeding it.

I ve got from the indoor kit I bought the Atami B’cuzz A+B nutrient but I almost can’t find anything at all about how to use them. The only info I get from the bottle is to use 1-5 ml of A and 1-5 of B for light terrain mix. And also it’s says to use them everyday.

As you can imagine the all nutrient thing is quite confusing for me, especially as a first time grower and I read that a nutrient burnout is quite easy to get if you are not careful.
If anyone has used this line of products or can help me out to figure it out it would be amazing.
Thanks a lot!


I can’t help you with that nutrient line but WELCOME to the forum.

Welcome to the community. :+1:

Thanks guys, I appreciate!!


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Welcome to the community

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Did a quick little Google search and came across these dont know how well thatll help ya


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Hey GreenSnek thanks for digging this out for me! It is a massive help.

So by reading the chart, for instance on week 3 it says that I should provide one plant with 1-2 ml of each solution, given once a week.
Is that right? Am I reading it correctly?
Thanks again