White worms in my seeds?

I’ve had a problem with some new White Widow seeds from ILGM.
I soaked them in water for 2 days and started seeing some roots popping, so I planted them 1/4" deep in some Pro-Mix BX (Robert recommended potting soil) in 4" pots. I misted them once or twice a day and waited. Nothing happened. I waited about 10 days and still nothing, so I thought I would check them out. Each seed had cracked open and there were small white worms in each of the five seeds I had started. There was 4 or 5 of them inside each seed. They were maybe 2 mm long and maybe 1/4 mm thick. I checked the surrounding soil with a magnifier and could find no trace of worms any where else. It’s almost like the worm eggs started out inside the seeds.
Has anybody else had this problem?

you got any pic of them?

I would pop some veggies seeds onto the soil to see if same thing happens, or toss altogether. Chances are you could have a bag of substrate that carries a pest causing this problem. I could be wrong, but the price of your promix isn’t worth risking high priced seeds.


Isn’t that a bit from The Carbonaro Effect ?

In case is not here is a link that I think is talking about the same thing
-good luck

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Root maggots.

I was recently germinating some cannabis seeds in a wet paper towel and a plastic Tupperware container. I just found tiny white worms in the paper towel, and they were munching on the seeds that had started to germinate. I am wondering where they came from.
The seeds are from plants that I grew and harvested about six months ago. I did the very same thing with the mother plants when I germinated those seeds and no worms then, wtf?
Any ideas how the worms got into the seeds in the first place? Do bugs visit your mature female plants and put larvae in the seeds?
Thanks for any input.