White Widow when should I harvest

I am starting the 8th week on a autoflower plenty of flowers plant is full and lavish green will I be able to go 10 weeks on this still no turning of colors on the buds

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If you post some pics we could maybe give you estimate.


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Does this help

Still to early. When those white pistil hairs turn mostly brown and start to recede you should be in the harvest window. If you want to be more specific your gonna need a Jewelers Loupe or some sort of magnification to view trichomes.

Should look something like this

Trichomes/when to harvest


Your plant has at least three more weeks. Keep doing what your doing, the buds only get bigger and better.

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Thanks appreciate the info and yes I have a jewelers loop

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Thanks should I keep giving them the nutrients for 2 weeks then flush for 1 week

You have a good start. Letting them go n extra couple of weeks will increase harvest by 30% and be more flavorful

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You trying to start trouble around here? :smiley:. Just kidding

Cannabis growers do a lot of things based on anecdotal observations that were never actually studied under controlled conditions. Flushing is one of those topics.

A couple recent studies that were done suggest that flushing a couple weeks before harvest is not beneficial and can prove harmful to both the health of the plant and the quality of the smoke.

I’m feeding to the bitter end now.

For me, Flushing is now for reducing salts during the grow, not for improving taste at the end.

Saying all that, three more weeks is a minimum. Once those nice white beautiful pistils that you see start to turn brown and shrivel, then you have about two more weeks left. After a couple weeks you need to look at the trichomes under magnification to determine “doneness”. Is that a word? Once you start looking at trichomes there is still a 2-3 week window where trichomes change from clear, to cloudy, and finally amber colored. You can harvest during this period but there are slight differences in finished product based on percentages of cloudy and amber trichomes.


Thanks appreciate the help

Thanks man these helps mucho

Oh yeah, you got plenty of time with them. Looks to be a few weeks into flower. Could easily be another 6 weeks.

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Thanks man