White Widow smell

I’m growing two white widow girls that are about two weeks from harvest. They look great, both fully fill up a 4x4 indoor space. Buds are fat and juicy and resiny. My question is does this train typically smell? I’ve read others say theirs didn’t smell until curing? I’m curious because I don’t really notice a smell in the tent. I have a carbon filter going 24/7 but it doesn’t smell as strong as i thought at this point? What has been everyone else’s experience with WW in a soil medium? They are under an HLG 225 & 300w LED.

Hate to ask this question. But how’s the rh in the tent?
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The one I had didn’t smell very much till just before harvest.
But my rh was closer to 25-30 % for the last 6 weeks due to my wood heat.
I know the smell would have been more developed if it had of been closer to the 55% mark. :+1:

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What’s up man, it’s usually between 60-70%.

I’m in the south so my humidity levels are always higher. Mine are around 60-70% rh. The only real problems I had were a slight calcium deficiency and some light burn after they outgrew their old tent. Other than that no nute burn, pests, etc.

[quote=“jdh06, post:5, topic:53844”]
[/quote]It is prob directly related to phenotype were did you by your seeds I grew some from king crop and they smelled unreal by the last week 584488025

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I got mine from here off ILGM. They have about three weeks left so I’m hoping they start to smell these next few weeks.

Not trying to scare you or anything… but be alert. There’s been a lot of bud rot going on recently. One of the signs is a lack/loss of smell. Once again…I HOPE I’M WRONG. High humidity is one of the things it likes. Just check into bud rot then try to inspect. Apparently it’s pretty elusive at first. Take my words for a grain of salt though. Technically my first grow. Good luck Gro.
Happy Growing!!

If you realy want to get this smells out I highly recommend a product called terpinator it does wonders for terpins gets the smell out there huge



My pics I posted are white widow from king crop so you all no

My widows kinda smell like lemon pine mixed with pepper. After harvest they lose their smell until after a good cure and then they will stink up a room easily

My white widows have absolutely no smell in week 4 of flower. This is my 3rd time buying seeds from them but will be my last. Not impressed with the seeds at all. Seedsman has a better rep. This Robert guy is full of shit