White widow Out door auto pic

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feed that starving baby…osmocoat if you can’t feed daily

Ya it is way out in the bush so I can’t get to it every day . I water it about twice a week and give it a light dilution of grow big in the water.
I thought it was getting close to time to harvest it so I cut back on the food. The plant is at 6000 ft in the Pacific Northwest there was freeze warnings last week . I thought it was more just stressing than under fed.
I have some northern lights 20 feet away same treatment that looks super strong green and lush but has not started to bud . This is my first year growing in the mountains next to the high line . I hope they finish before the snow fly’s.

IF…killer cold is two months off…saturate with Grow Big and some type of time release pellets. give them all they can handle, they need it for flowers

This is my White Widow
She is almost ready now

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