White widow autos 2020

I grow 4 white widow autos and made it to harvest and they did not turn out quite as I thought it would. they fox tailed some how, buds were airy and loose even when dried and cured properly.
and only got about 5 OZ from the 4 of them.
how do I reach out to support and see what they say about this,


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Im sorry your grow didnt turn out the way you wanted it to. Have you grown other strains prior?

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It looks like you chopped them early … :thinking:
Your description would be the outcome of any strain if it was chopped to early… :+1::wink:

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Way too many white hairs on those buds to be finished. Light strength and environment play a role in bud density as well as proper feeding until the end of it’s life cycle. Doubtful customer service does anything as it is grower inexperience as root cause but I don’t know that for sure so don’t qoute me on that. Practice makes perfect my man.

That wasn’t when I chopped, I chopped at the right time. I think that heat and humidity played a role in the fox tailing plus I had the lights to close so I took it as learning experience and started the 2nd grow, they are coming along great notice a big difference in this grow.


Airy buds are environmental not genetic.

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I agree with @anon89489555 on it being environmental and not genetic. And little thing can affect bud production and final yeild. Like to much or not enough light intensity, ph and ppm fluctuations, too much or not enough nutrients, temperature to humidity ratio, watering practices, airflow and air exchange and so on. Autoflowers these days are much better and more potent than they use to be and for most ppl its a hit or miss. Either you create setbacks and it flowers too small and waste of effort if it thrive and give u 4 5 ounces off 3ft plant

Confidence makes the experience easier as you go. If you had lights too close heat and light stress can cause airy buds. Just learn from it and move on as you have. Bigger and better buds await.

Way to early, not enough light, nutrition off. I have just completed my first grow FAP20 , been at this a life time, crazy fast, crazy hard bud, amazing crystal count, 80 days 7 oz EA. Learned this Auto forever, Never pinch.

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