White widow auto query

I know they are all different and yield depends on tons of factors but is getting 4oz off one white widow auto too much to hope for under optimal conditions

It will be indoor in a tent under a hlg 300L rspec in 5gallon fabric pots in ffof

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Check this thread. Not White Widow, but she grows autos and gets a big yield.
So yes its possible with the right conditions.

Thanks for the quick response

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Yup. 4 oz aint too shabby at all. All things tuned in and running smoothly, 6+ is doable.


With the light you have 4 to 6 oz’s very doable good luck

Oh yeah, that’s what I was hoping to hear

I figured I can justify that purchase on the first grow :smiley:

With how much we are spending buying meh weed (100 for half oz) I am glad to hear that


I also use five gallon fabric pots for autos with Ocean Forest soil, HLG lights. You should get your initial investment back first Grow. Quality Lights big expense up front but worth every penny of it.

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I pulled 32 oz off 5 white Widow auto


Damnnnn that’s a lot!

Tad over 6 oz a plant. I used 600 watt hps a 300 Watt Cree Cobb led and a couplestrip lights on the walls

Impressive I hope I can pull anywhere near that much