White widow auto beginner

Ok so I have a white widow in the picture box so everyone can see the bottom leaf is turning yellow and the stem is very small?

. What am I doing wrong?


Your plant looks nice that’s perfectly normal. Good luck keep up the good work

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You are doing fine. Those little round leaves are no longer necessary for the plant. It’s looking healthy.

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Thank you guys so much I’ve lost one and this is my second just would love for it to turn out.

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How far along would you say she is?

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2 to 3 weeks?? She looks good. Tell us about your grow. What are you growing, strain, auto, fem, or reg? What is your medium that you are going in, soil,coco, hydro?. Ph in and out along with ppm numbers? What kind of water and how often are you watering? What kind of light? What kind of nutes do you plan to use? @Newby do that to get someone’s attention. We are here to help.

Only thing I’d suggest. If your stems ect are small, possible lack of Calmag. The Ww likes Nitrogen early and calmag throughout. The later helps with strengthening the stock and stems. Hope that helps…

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What about a fan ,that helps build a strong stock as well.


Absolutely. Always. ALWAYS have air going over them from sprout to chop. Remember, more air and alot of leaf is going to dry to plant out faster. My sprouts are actually moving in the breeze now! The 3 vital pillars are, water, light, air. Without any of those. It aint going to work.

Super simple.


You can increase the plant’s stem strengh by doing a few things.

A good breeze from a fan helps. The plant adjusts to the wind resistance by becoming stronger.

A silica supplement in moderation can help.

Seed sprout tea helps too.

I do all three and I get stems like this:

Ok so this plant is two months old and I use fox farm soil ph 6.1 and fox farm nutes I water once a week and I use tap water it’s in five gallon fabric white widow is the strain and it’s an auto. The tap water is in gallon jugs one week before use. Nd two 65 w led bulbs.

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In the immortal words of James T Kirk… Scotty, I need more power!!

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Might think about adding some more lumens.

Wow i guessed wrong. Needs more light, if it is an auto it should start flowering soon. Get ya a marshydro ts600 off amazon for 80 bucks.

Right on Thank you guys for the info I will get one ASAP

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To get a thick stem you need fans, suppliments, etc. Most important is LIGHT DISTANCE. Keep BLUE light close to canopy and you’ll grow a stout plant (best way imo) then for flower swap to red lights. If you don’t have access to fancy lights just lower em as close as you can without burn. You may just be stretching. This is kinda what they’ll look like after you top and train that also strengthen stems. These are mine in early veg

I’m not particularly super knowledgeable however, I personally bent and secured my autos at about 3 nodes and although they definitely have a jungle network of stems throughout my tent all the stems are really hard with most of their bases being completely woody at 7 weeks

Just my input. I’ve read several articles about hard, small or even hard hollow stems. The reason for this is normally calmag deficiency… Just the facts…

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I agree but a calmag deficiency would show signs of on the leaves as well as the stocks. I am not seeing any sign of this is his picture. I truly think the light is not enough and is to high. Making the plant stretch not fill in and not fatten up. I would think at that size of a plant and the amount of light it is getting it does not yet need cal-mag, that and it is in FFOF not coco which sequesters cal-mag like crazy. Also no flowering nutes have been given and a potash build up is a huge reason most get a cal deficiency.