White power on white widow

She is on her 4th week of flowering. Have notice this white powdery stuff on the leaves, if you tap a limb you can see it falling, any idea what this is ? This is my first grow totally indoors. Here are some pics from this morning. ThanksIMG_6961.jpg

Let those pics upload before posting…

You don’tspray the foliage do you?

Let me try this again, no spraying at all.

I get this error when trying to post the pics
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Looks like a male…pollen???


That is pollen, it is a male plant and all of your females are pollenated. Bummer unless you are intending to breed for seeds.


Thanks for the replies, I was afraid of this. My friend here tried to tell me it was a male, but the good people here on this forum told me two weeks ago it was female. My first set of pics might not have been to good to tell the difference. I think it is time to try again.


When posting photos (especially for diagnostic purposes), a single photo per post will allow for zooming in for a close look. Also, natural light give the best image for determining the health and status of your plants. I don’t know if you are taking photos in natural light or not, just letting you know.

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@hey-buc what is the link to the first post where the Male was mis diagnosed?

It would be interesting to see where the breakdown occurred.

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I looked back and there were no photos that showed male. Also no photos clear and close enough to definitely determine.

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The original post was under Beginner, indoor grow and titled White Widow, male or female, 15 days ago.

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I second this.
@hey-buc everything see that you posted was female. Unless this was a hermaphrodite that was missed because we only got a small section view of the plant. It’s important to get a picture of the whole plant and multiple pictures. Sorry we missed this.
In the current picture with pollen it appears that it does have both.


Thanks. As others said, no male bits on those photos.

This is a perfect example of “boots on the ground”!

@AAA I agreed with @dbrn32 that something seemed off with this plant.

Yep, but ain’t over til the fat lady shows us her balls!

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Put it into an envelope, place that into a sealed glass jar. Pollinate females as you wish

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If they do @PharmerBob you’ll end up with hermaphrodite plants next grow around. I don’t recommend this.
Take pollen from a male, and not one with both. It’ll work out better in the end.

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It’s not a male plant?

Shit sorry on the road I didn’t notice the flowers and bananas


There was this ooops moment. Might’ve been the herming moment.