White hairs turning orange

How’s it going everyone? I’m on my first grow and around my second week of flowering I’d guess. Some of the white hairs on my developing buds are turning orange.

Uploading: 20201022_181251.jpg…
Only on a couple I see. Just noticed today.

Gorilla Glue Auto From ILGM
Using Pot for Pot and only used ph’d water.
Mars Hydro Tsw2000
Thanks in advance for any help!

Are those facing a source of airflow? Like a fan? That could easily do it.

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I have an oscillating fan running and a small clip on one above going at the center of the canopy. I’ll point it in a different direction. See if that changes. Is it wind burn I guess?

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That’s what it looks like.


If it’s a Vivosun 6", you might want to just trash it. They have a reputation for catching on fire.


Also, how big a P4P? You’ll probably have to start adding nutrients at some point.

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It’s not. Luckily I saw the reviews on possible fires before I bought one. I’m in a 5 gallon. I was wondering if I would need to start adding anything. They say not to water till runoff so I don’t. Should I try watering till runoff next watering and check the ppm? At what ppm do I start adding nutes and what should the ppm be during flower? I have fox farm trio and calmag.

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Thank you very much! I moved my fans around and lower the speed. Pretty much just that one spot other than a few random orange ones here and there. Should they be pointing at the plant at all or just moving air around in general?

Watch for yellowing lower leaves. Your plant will tell you when she needs food. As far as runoff PPM, I grow in inert media, so I’m not the best guy to ask about soil ppm.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the info! Haha, I’ll start my ppm reading now I guess.

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Hey hey! I believe the purpose of the fan is just to help circulate the air. Try not to have it directly pointing at her for any length of time.

I think some people position their fan near the air intake windows to help keep fresh air circulating and to mix up the Co2, which I think ‘sinks’ to the bottom.

CJ. x

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Thank you! I moved them around so non are pointing directly at her.

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My man :facepunch:

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Whoa whoa, what about the 4 in 195 cfm? I just got one last week Dx

Always oscillate your fan it’s the same concept as your skin would you want a fan blasting you like a foot away constantly, and how would that affect your skin after so long they are about the same as our skin. Others already explained this in fairly vivid detail all I can say is careful not to over water I did that and they were not happy about it either. I learned sticking your finger in to your first joint aka an inch is the best way and surfaces when really dry are obvious. If it’s moist at any point below that first finger joint it’s still retaining enough moisture until the light cycle ends for next watering time. Be super aware of checking for parasites I ignored the signs until it was too late costing me at least 60% of what my yield would have been. Basically went from likely getting a lb or two to maybe getting a half pound best case 3/4 a lb.