While in the garden this morning, I was curious

I’m about 2 - 6 weeks from harvest of my 3x white widows. About 4 days ago, I trimmed up the girls in order to take the little buds out and give the budding energy to the the bigger buds, and then I laid them aside with the other trimmings and didn’t give it another thought.

This morning, as I was in the garden admiring the beauty of my girls, a little dried bud caught my eye as it laid with the other discards (there were about 10 removed in total) from the other morning. I was wondering if even though they were very small and immature, if the little ones had any punch to them yet.

After the morning gardening was done, I took my little pinch of dried buds, carefully collected, up stairs to where I keep a little pipe, expecting absolutely nothing to happen…

I’m very happy to say, I’m feeling no pain right now…YAY!!! There’s a happy little surprise for a Saturday afternoon!! And completely unexpected!


Happy for you, I think it is stories like this what makes growing cannabis kind of romantic thing…:slight_smile:


I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had on my first grow! I’m showing my age but once I had bud set I saved the better manicured leaves and smoked them. As the plants matured the potency drastically increased. Though now that I have properly cured couchlock, I don’t see myself using leaf again.


This is the first bud I’ve smoked in 30 years (high school)…I’m okay with it being the cast off’s! LOL!!


@super_newby, it was 38 years for me lol,


Happy Cultivation !!!

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I had removed a small bud 5 days ago and tried it yesterday — got me high but not ready for prime time, so took another little popcorn bud yesterday. at least it gives me something to do while I wait to harvest…also, if I don’t fancy the high of WW I plan to gift the harvest and keep utilizing my local dispensary while strains that do work for me are available, and wait for the other strains I’ve got seeds for Grow. Tough problems to have in the age of legal weed in MA!


I’m still in awe that i was able to grow anything at all, let alone enjoy it’s bounty!! I’m looking at my frosty buds like a hungry dog standing at the window of a butcher shop…but I resist, it’s not time yet.