Which Vaporiser do you use?

Yes it does.

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thanks Kaptain, I appreciate your good vibes and info.

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Glad I’m not the only one saving my AVB.

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and do you live in western wales uk ?

Nope. I’m in the US.

thats too far to go to score extra batteries .

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Keep in mind that vaping isn’t exactly the same buzz as smoking. You can get really ripped while vaping, but it will be slightly different than smoking. The greatest advantage to vaping, imo, is that you can really taste the terpenes with a good vaporizer and that opened a whole world of Cannabis flavors for me! That’s how I found out that it wasn’t just marketing hype, you really taste the Banana in Banana kush! Loved it!

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@James68 I’d be sure to view a couple side-by-side reviews before buying. It occurs to me that I can tell you how much I like my Pax, but I can’t compare it to anything else since I’ve only ever used the one vape.


I have had an Atmos Pen vape : Really bad airflow…
My second one was a Flowermate Nano : Good but not enough.chamber too small for my liking… but for stealth it was fine.
And now I have the Boundless Tera.

i am on their website as we speak :grinning:
do you have the V3

Yes, that’s the latest version yet. The V2 had problems with teflon accessories…

I am on it Kaptain

If you are looking for a reputable vendor : Try sneakypetestore dot com
I bought my last 3 vaporizer from him. The best service I have ever experienced. On par with ILGM! :nerd_face: :wink:

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And for full disclosure, I don’t get a commission or anything if you buy from that vendor. His company just provides amazing customer service and he wouldn’t know who I am even if you mentioned me. I use another name when I order things. :wink:

I salute you :man_farmer:

We have an expensive hobby… :wink: Better if we stick together and help each other out, imo! :nerd_face:


I am in accord with you Kaptain

sneakypetestore site is pretty far out :crazy_face:

i grow a years worth …every year …this last grow was bergmans goldleaf auto and is supreme.

Eventually Canada will relax it’s stupid laws and ILGM will be able to ship here again…
One can always dream!

Any good vap you can bring out in the woods and city around 60dollar?
Need to work on buds not oil or other stuff just dry buds?

Just bought the wife Pax 3. She’s loving it. I got it from Planet of the Vapes. Everywhere online was same price. Went with Planet due they provided really nice grinder, and airtight travel container for the the medicine.

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