Which strain is best to get for use of the leaf in salads and smoothies etc?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.
Can you recommend which strain is best to get for use of the leaf in salads and smoothies etc, no drying, smoking or getting high?

The leaves of any cannabis plant can be used. It all depends on the consumers needs as to which might give them better results.

Buds can’t be used in salads/ smoothies unless dried and cured.

For example daytime functional or evening / relaxing times an the like. Also if they have particular medical issues, some strains are better than others!


hi guys and girls
I think the leaves are very tasty but vains in them a little tough to chew.

We use them in salads all the time. I don’t have a discerning enough palate to tell them apart. They taste. …green! Haha!

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Particular medical issue is digestive issues (IBS). Is there a strain that would be better than others for that kind of complaint?

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@Goeggi there are many strains that might fit the bill. I haven’t researched strains for ibs so you’re gonna have to help me out. Let me take a look.

Search this term at google

“Is Cannabis The Perfect Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome?”

If you read through that article, maybe you could pick the top 3 most severe symptoms that you experience and then I can match you up with a couple of strains that make sense.


I looked at the website cannasos andthey list the following strains, which are available at ILGM seedbank that will help for IBS

Blue Dream
Super Skunk
Green Crack

They list other strains that can help but these 3 were in the top 5 listed on their website.

Hope this helps!

Were you the person that Zoe posted the question for?

If so we will need to talk a little more…

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Yes I am the person.
Thanks for your reply and the 3 strains, I will give one of them a go.

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Well the problem could be the getting high part. All Cannabis have THC in them. The thing to do is get a good THC to CBD ratio. Talk more on this later @Goeggi