Where to purchase cheap lights

A question from a fellow grower:

Where do you recommend to purchase growing lights, the cheap ones?

To get started, it depends on what size area or how big of a plant or plants your are trying to grow.

I prefer LEDs, but you have to do a lot of research to know what to buy to get a good deal on LEDs, or better yet, how to build your own.

If you can’t build your own LEDs, or can’t find an affordable deal on a good LED, HID lights have been some of the best lights for growing, for a long time, and prices are about the most affordable for the power, watt, lumen or PAR.

Amazon and E-bay often have the best prices, like on this awesome model Latewood recommends:


Happy growing,


Prune leaves that block the light to bud sites

I prefer to bend my leaves out of the way, as opposed to removing them. Fan leaves are the heart and lungs of the plant.