Where are the night owls at

Wow!!! You ARE in a good mood eh? @FyshhTrap Math class must agree with you! I took a math class last semester that was quite like that.It’s nice when things like that work out…It’s great you are in school. I have met so many interesting people from so many different backgrounds…one guy I met actually grows too! What are the odds???

What’s up all at least it’s the right kind of grass

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That bong is awesome. I wish I had some in mine lmao

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Awesome @FyshhTrap, I love maths but im crap at it if that makes sense

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Wish i had of read all this before i tagged some of you, sorry if i got it incorrect

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Its all good , ps , like the flower !!

Ahhhhh, its what we all strive for right? and i have this same flower on my phone to remind me ( not that i need reminding that i get to see my oldest grand daughter

I’m more of a early morning owl does that count @Hogmaster
Lol just found this thread :+1::v::cowboy_hat_face:CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 Hell yes it counts

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Nice @Hogmaster lol
Dropped some super silver haze in water last night
Next grow :v::grin:CB


Spring is Near my Friend !!


i’m ready to see them SSh girls grow! yours and mine!lol

@FyshhTrap free white widow seeds…get in touch .seriously…can’t use them

Yes sir going to be 50 this weekend
wife is on the fence but I think I can convince her @FyshhTrap
But not to long now just dropped some super silver haze beans should be in soil by tomorrow :smiley:


Anyone else up?



Haha, how’s it goin Hammer?

Can’t sleep, why not cook some good ole venison steaks

Venison steaks burgers with pepper jack…


I’m glad I wasn’t awake when you posted that!!

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Why’s that?