Where are the night owls at

How’s everybody doing this evening

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@Hawkeye_diesel how’s your night going brother how are the plants doing

Eh they are doin alright. I had to swap out both of my dwc buckets’ water today. The ph was a little high and I had collected some rain water. I topped both of the dwc plants a day of two ago and I fimmed the smaller soil plant today, I still believe it is a male… I have my suspicious about “her” haha
How is everything of in Hogland?

Same O stuff went and bought some dirt yesterday in an aloe plant for my wife for Valentine’s Day and got a little better goodies for myself

Well that’s always fun. I’m ordering some goodies tomorrow and start some autos in my stealth grow box

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Some good lookin plants there brother

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All autos at least the big ones are

They look great!

i’m doing good hog,those plants are looking awesome as usual!

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so now we have both a morning and night owl threads. I love ILGM!!

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i’m here been up all night



Just got done with a night class Math exam at college, whew “Smoked it” !!
Hows every one else doin ??

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Watchin the “grass” grow brother watchin the office in the grow room haha
Congrats on the exam fyshh

Thank you much @Hawkeye_diesel, wishin I was Fyshin and growin, but my grow season doesn’t start till mid March as I"m an out door soil grower , Ohhh but I can see it my grow friend , and its gonna be Sweeet !!

Yeah it is. I’m gonna give some seed to my dad to throw in his garden to increase the ammo the I can grow. He lives out of city limits. I can’t grow outside easily, unless I keep an auto short and flowery smelling, living right in the middle of my town, so I do the inside and he’s gonna do some outside for me. I’m stoked

Growin out side is soo much easier for me and cheaper,and I only have to contend with bugs , mice, deer, birds,rain,sun , heat, humidity, nutrient deficiencies, and just obscure environmental distresses, Oh and the possibility of people finding my Treez, but other than that, I wouldn’t have it any other way !!

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Yeah, I’ve never grown it outside, but we’ve always had a garden out back an I think he can handle it. He come up with the idea, he tokes with me and was like why don’t I grow one or 2 out next to my tomatoes, well alright alright alright…

Actually its quite easy outside, but there are some problems to deal with, for bugs I use “Garden Safe” Fungicide 3, fungicide, insecticide and miticide, and can be bought at Lowes or online $7-8, start your plants inside for 4 weeks , get em strong in a decent size pot, dig your hole and chop that soil up good, oh hell , what the hell am I sayin, ya grow tomatoes, its pretty much the same thing, I use a good organic soil for starters. And just TLC !! and of course I add nutes .

Yeah, we used to have corn 5 to 7 ft tall haha.
The first time I ever saw a mmj plant was when I was a kid, my brother had it next to the pen where he kept his puppies about 100 yards from the house. I went to go feed them for him and bein the dumb little kid I asked my dad what it was and I showed him and he took it down. I was a long time ago, but it was ever bit of 8ft tall and the “trunk” was the size of a softball. I never do gave myself for accidently snitch in on my brother haha

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