When to stop Open Sesame

This is my first season using Fox farms open Sesame. Flowering typically starts for me around August 7 give or take a few days.

I started feeding open Sesame on July 28. I have fed once a week since then and at this point have fed it three times.

As of this week all of my plants are flowering (slightly later than expected). Going by the Fox Farm feeding schedule I should be switching to beastie blooms for the next feeding. The way I’m reading that feeding schedule is that I fed the open Sesame three times and then I’m supposed to switch to beastie blooms. On the other hand the schedule also shows using open Sesame into the second week of flowering.

What should I do here? Should I give it another week of open Sesame or switch to beastie blooms now?

Not sure it makes a difference or not but I am planning on finishing with Cha-Ching.

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I’ve heard awesome things about open sesame. My buddy just finished gorilla glue with it and it was amazing. Is it similar to beastie bloomz and aren’t you supposed to finish with Cha Ching? I just started using beastie bloomz and want to know the next step. I’m one month into flowering

I only use it the week before light flip and stop once the plant is actually flowering. So about 1-2 weeks after flip.

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Thanks Bobby.

Scoober, I don’t follow The full fox farm feeding Program - I’ve used The Grow Big/Big Bloom/Tiger Bloom combo for a long time and switched to Buddha Grow by Roots Organics for veg last summer and have been happy. This is my first summer doing the trio of Open Sesame/Beastie Bloomz/Cha-Ching. A buddy whose bud I envy swears by the stuff. I don’t love that it’s not Organic but they claim is “safe for organic soils” …fishy sounding to me but I’ll try anything once. ANYHOW, yeah fox farms says Open Sesame then Beastie then Cha Ching

Here’s the feeding chart

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Fishy sounding yes that’s great. :joy: what kind of organic soil? Is this a super soil or living soil?

No idea what kind. It’s peat moss, compost, composted cow manure, and some other tasty amendments.

I would definitely not use those in my soil… as it is a true living organic soil. But if you are using a commercial blend soil, it wont matter in the long run. The main issue with this type of fertilizer is the salt residue it leaves behind. Unlike coco or promix, real organic soil should not be flushed EVER! Therefore you dont want synthetic salts building up in there. That said… it is also very possible to go way overboard using natural ammendments.

Gotcha, I’m gonna try the same. Let me know how it works out for you. My boy swears by it and his GG4 came out incredible. Once I figure out how to post photos I’ll put them up

The Fox Farm ocean forest is definitely a good product.

I’m not a huge fan of it. Lots of sticks and clumps of peat moss. The drainage is less than ideal for weed imho…

True that, I’m in Florida so Hydro is the only way pretty much

I like Coast of Maine brand.

Ever try swamp buckets in a marshy area? I know dudes in swampy areas who swear by that method