When to harvest these seeds

Question from a fellow grower!

Hello, my friends. My question is about harvest time of these seeds. I have 4 buds that are almost 75 % brown, but my main biggest bud is only 10% brown. Would you harvest now or wait till the biggest bud turns?

Ok I’m a little confused

You are letting your plant go to seed? In any case the trichomes are what you want to go by ultimately

The browned inward facing pistils are just early indications to start checking trichomes and you want all cloudy and turning amber

Pics of total plant, and clear close ups of the buds will help us help you

If the brown you are talking about is the trichomes, you might have waited too long but I’m guessing you mean the pistils have turned brown

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Get you a 60x magnifier and check the trichomes.


Ok, here’s the deal, some of your seeds will mature and drop out when the wind blows before your bud is ready. I look at mine close and pluck a few seeds that I see are fixing to fall out of the pods before each wind.

Some breeders grow buds just for seed so they pick them when seeds are ready irregardless of the buds trichome maturity.

Some breeders like me sow a branch or two of plants that exhibit things we like in the strain.

Good luck!