When to harvest marijuana and how to store

A question from a fellow grower:

First off, understand that in two or three weeks we depart with my dad, (currently here), for CA, and won’t be returning for two or three months……SO, I have some decisions to make about my girls, and no, I don’t want to ask anyone else to fulfill this chore.

Additionally while we’re out of town, we’re having all new floors put in——so it goes without saying, all my dear lovely girls will have to be uprooted.

There is no dire emergency for any of my buds to be ready until well after we get back in January.

In the meantime, what would you suggest for these? I can certainly use a very dry, dark secure spot in the house, but is 10 weeks too long to go before jarring them?

As long as the plants are ready to be cut down, the trichomes are ready and such, and as long as the plants won’t dry too fast nor retain too much moisture in the cold dark place you plan to store them you shouldn’t have any problems. A 10 week cure is not unheard of. If you can create a controlled automated environment for them you could have a very nice slow cure. The jarring part of the process isn’t the final or only way to slow cure your weed. The key is having them dry evenly enough there is no moisture areas that could develop mold and also not having them dry too fast. If they do dry a little too fast and are totally dried out by the time you get back, it won’t be the worst thing and you can kinda add moisture back to the buds for roiling joints or if you just like your bud a little moist so it doesn’t crumble to dust when you break it up, I recommend the humidity packs for humidors and cigars over trying to use a slice of fruit or something of that nature as fruits and veggies have microbes on their surfaces that could contribute to a mold problem. The trick is setting it up so they do dry relatively slowly without the need to air them out routinely to prevent mold.