When to Harvest? Fist time grow

Test 12345

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She looks absolutely beautiful but unfortunately you’re not quite ready yet all the hairs you want to wait until they curl up back into the bud they will probably turn orange I would recommend getting a 60 times zoom jewelers loop so you can see the try combs you want them all milky with possible Amber and less you want to be stuck on the couch and you want 50% Amber but very easy to see through a jewelers loop at least 60 times zoom

horrible picture but you get the idea



It dose but just hang in there ok and here are some pic’s to look at

you want 50/ 50% milkey and amber



@garrigan62 thanks buddy my picture sucked I couldn’t find a good one it will be well worth the wait @Martin2238

well I ain’t got my oqn pics but this helped me



It’s a great idea! I just got my order of White Widow feminized seeds from this site! Ships discretely with a guarantee on delivery. If the package gets seized they will reship it at no additional cost.

@Ray4x @Hogmaster @Oldstoner @garrigan62

Just wanted to share how things are going.


If yall see these let me know what yall think. I haven’t gotten a microscope yet.


They’re looking good! Can’t wait to see them under a microscope!

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Looking like a pro . I had no idea the stem could be split that early . I thought that was a last few days before harvest technique

Still have a ways to go.

I’m afraid so it sure looks like it to me can’t get a real clear picture but they look like pollen sacks the light reflects can’t get a clear look

I don’t see any pollen sacs,all I see is pistols

hard to say, need a pic with not so much light. Here is the pic @Martin2238 posted zoomed in…

looks like there could be a few sacks in there, but the light is so bright, so can’t give a 100% answer…

Super Zoom

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Hope these help

@Martin2238 Meizhi leds I have one 600w and 3- 300 W love them




I have the 600W Viparspectra and a 1000W no name. The Vipar is on sale right now on Amazon. Normally 179 on sale for 161.



I also run the Meizhi lights and like them