Two weeks left need status advice

Hello! Jack Herer, first grow, end of week 12. Two maybe four weeks left to grow. It’s been a high learning curve. Lots of mistakes. Lots of lessons learned. Looks as though I will get a yield tho. Any pointers, please?

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You have much longer than 2 weeks. Still solid white hairs. When they are about 80% red and turned back into the flowers, then start checking trichomes. Plants look great!


Yeah; more like 4 weeks.


Was thinking the same as @Myfriendis410 4 weeks


Agree… even when 95% of the pistils are brown and shriveled up will probably still be another week.

Judging the time of the harvest is one of the most difficult things.

But you’be done great.




Thank you all for your expertise! I am enjoying this challenge! 4 weeks then or so, I’ll move it to the right a couple.


Nice job for first grow! I’m quite new too (3rd and 4th plant), and I made every mistake possible but totally worth it in the end. It gets much easier now. I have a new respect for the plant and I see how people can start to feel spiritual about it.

At around this time it does help to have a good microscope for looking at trichomes.


Indeed! I thank you for the microscope recommendation! Was just looking at one unless my handheld magnifying glass will do the honors now. Oy! Always something new and I’m barely scraping by this run. Next run it should be fully equipped unless we go hydro!


Oz, eh? I haven’t been to Oz since the Emerald City was bought by the Chinese, or 2001, including NY2000 in Sydney. What a buzz that was! How is life down undah? As importantly since I was in service then and wasn’t able to partake, how is Aussie Ganja?


Hi, yes that was a great time to be in Syd what with the Games and everything.

I’m rarely impressed with what I buy down here, honestly, nothing at all like what we had in the 80s. This is why I started growing.

I also have a good magnifying glass which is ok for spotting the early ambers but not so much when you’re trying to sort out clear from milky.

I use this one but I am planning to find a better one. There are some that clip to your iPhone and you can take pics. It’s also really fascinating seeing the plant close up.

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Since I last searched microscopes this one has popped up which I like the look of but it’s not cheap.

How about the Ninyoon 4K for US $39.99? Similar, cheaper maybe.

I miss Auz. Neat place. Yeah, it’s been difficult to find really good quality where I am over the past decade, though not impossible. I began growing because I was tired of paying A grade prices for green that is nowhere near the medical grade I was getting in NorCal.

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Oh you’re in N Cal? I have connections in so cal. That scope looks perfect and there is a locally sold version of it here.

That will be cool to view the images on my pc.

Having said that, I have taken some decentish trichome shots with the right light with my iPhone 13 pro max too. This was my last plant:


Nice looking plant! What strain? NorCal is nice though I might belong more in SoCal.

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Just got the microscope in today. Here is my week 14:


Crikey they look awesome! Which one did you end up getting? Was it easy to hook up?

Those trichomes I posted were from an Australian strain called dream girls.

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I got the ninyoon. It was delightfully easy to get going. Just download the app and use that smidgeon of brain that isn’t stoned to figure out the rest!

Cool on the Auzzie strain! Do you like it?

@LJ75 i picked this microscope up in a kids science kit for 20 bucks on clearance. It actually does a decent job lol.


How is that for week 14?