When to fertilize

I bought all my seeds and fertilizer from Robert. He has a nice sheet to tell you what type and week to fertilize. My question is do you only water with the fertilizer liquid all week when they need it or just once a week period and plan water the rest? Thanks.

Feed when needed and water in between. Always ph water and when feeding ph after food is added to water.

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I personally haven’t used iglm nutrients but all nutrients work the same way.

They have a feed chart included, to use this yoh will need a tds meter and a PH pen.

Have your plant raised so that when you water it the excess pours out the bottom and you can collect it. Once collected test it for tds, compare that to the feed chart. If it’s below what you are meant to be at then you need to do the math so that the water you pour in tops up the nutrients in your medium (soil or coco). Ensure all water going in is always ph’d.

If your in soil you won’t need to feed right away because soil has nutrients, over feeding is a very common beginner’s mistake. This is why it’s key to water first and determine how much food is in the medium before feeding.