When to chop down? Pics

Hey All! Appreciate the help so far on my other posts… community has been amazing.

Trying to figure out when to chop these two guys down. Here are some pics of the plant and some of the best trich pics I could get.

Any thoughts? Looks a little foggy right? Right around day 50 of 50 to 55 breeder schedule. Not super dense on th mugs yet

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I’m a new grower myself but your buds don’t look too far along yet but don’t worry they grow fast lol I’m not too far ahead of you on one of my plants I’d think you have maybe a month left on it but the main sign is to wait until 90% of the hairs are yellowed over and then microscope it

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I like that you are low stress training the plant, it is outsidde and doesn’t seem to have any pest problems either well done with that, one of my plants is probably the same size as yours but I have it in a grow tent under a trellis net, I will send pics when I can !


@Morganpost135 thanks for the quick response… wasn’t sure since I realized I was getting close to the breeder timeline. They’re auto flowers so they’ve been in flower for a few weeks now. I feel you on hey aren’t super dense yet though!

they don’t look too far into flower, but flower goes by fast don’t worry about waiting long but you will definitely notice it putting on a lot of flowers soon

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This one is just a little bit ahead of yours just starting to put on weight


Nice, is that an auto? How far along are you? @Morganpost135

You still have a while to go. Theyre just now starting to build buds. When checking trichomes you want to look into the bud itself. A wireless microscope will help a ton. You can get one on Amazon for 30 bucks or less.

@ChittyChittyBangin i just picked up a jewelers microscope. Trying to use it the first time today. Thanks for the tip


@ChittyChittyBangin would you say that pics near ready to go?

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The pic i posted is about how i prefer. Mostly cloudy with a touch of amber. It all depends on what type of feeling you are going for. More amber % equals more couchlock.

Not an auto it was a bag seed I forced into flower any clue on what yield could look like

6-8 weeks left judging from those pics Growmie :love_you_gesture:

Yes, 6 to 8 weeks is a good estimate.