When/Or to stake?

Looking at a bunch of everyone’s pictures I see people using stakes and things to support the plant. If you provide the plant support too early will you weaken the stalk/branches? I finally added a fan blowing and that significantly helped improve the strength of the plant. I do have stakes that I bought but my plant is only 1 foot right now and doesn’t need it. Should I put the stake in now and prepare for it? Are people just supporting the stalk or do people add support for branches? Are stakes a normal part of the process or just if you see it bending.

I staked mine for three weeks as she was bending now straightened up and held in place by a makeshift fishing line rig😂 stake is no longer in place

So a few branches you have supported with fishing line tied to the top of the tent?

No I have a piece of fishing line tied around the main stem and then through a hole in bucket and tied

I think many people just do it because they see others doing it …some plants don’t need it

Some environments require it because of weather …

Some people manipulate their plants to grow wider than tall and I don’t even see some of them doing it …it’s not going to harm anything either way and sometimes it’s just done for peace of mind

I also think it depends on the strength of the plant due to the care habits of the grower

If you have strong healthy branches and not in any real danger of high wind you should be fine without it

I have one plant left in my windy grow area

The branches are strong and even with heavy bud sites forming it’s perfectly fine …

The tie downs are to keep the branches farther apart for light penetration and improved airflow and pest management …

Whatever you decide you’ll learn either way …good luck


Good comments above. Using a silica product can help strengthen plant structure as well.


I typically would only stake when and if my plant is toppling over from heavy buds but if you have a fan going with a nice breeze that will help dramatically improve the plants strength also silica helps alot as well most grower including myself use silica to help promote strong plants

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