Need help supporting outdoor plants

When I was planning my outdoor grow I didn’t think my plants would grow to nearly nine feet tall with the pots lol. I thought my six foot fence would act as a wind block but I was wrong. Yesterday I had some high winds and one of my plants blew over and broke off a big branch, which surprised me because they are in 25 gallon pots and were watered earlier. So I rigged something up so they won’t tip. What should I do with the tops? They are just starting to flower and those tops are going to be heavy. Any idea’s or comments are appreciated, first time grower. Thanks


@HippieRunner1 @Oldguy @Caligurl are a few outdoor farmers that might can help :love_you_gesture:


@OGIncognito Thanks for the tag brother OG.

@Czcon12 This one still needs some cross pieces about 1/2 way up but gives an idea of a basic support frame.
Stakes are 6 ftrs. Cross pieces are 4 ft.
I’m in 30 gal 1/2 barrels not fabric pots so anchor to the pot.

The bigger one in back in second pic shows how I attached the stakes to the pot.
Couple holes and zip tied in.
I’m also up on pallets to allow a lil better pot drainage.

You could do something similar on the ground but you’ll have to anchor your support securely. ( pieces of rebar work. ) to keep the whole assembly upright.
Trust me when I say use 4 anchor points tho. Especially in a high wind area.

This is a pic from a buddy’s grow last year.
He’s in a very high wind area on the side of a mountain. Note the rebar tie downs and the ankle savers on the ends. :wink:

Hope this helps you a bit and maybe gives you an idea of how to proceed.


Thank you for the tag! I’m dealing with securing mine right now but it’s not because I’m afraid the wind will blow them over, but because the weight of each branch is getting too much.

If I were you, I’d do something like the last pic above:




Like what @Caligurl said, when I get a chance I’ll put some posts down in the pot and zip tie them. Your bottom picture looks like you zip tied two posts together, if so how does it work out for you? I might have to do that also for extensions.


That’s correct. It works great.
Just add them as the branch grows to add a lil extra length to the support.


Its going to be a bit tricky as you would have needed to do this a month ago, but you could use some metal fence posts probably need 7’ ones FOUR per plant and create a square around them fairly close and use some baling twine around the outside and then maybe some netting over the top. I end up netting mine twice usually.


Finding the correct support for the plants is very critical. Not only in flowering but also in veg. We like to use netting and allow the plants to grow through it. I will also use a good amount of string tie branches up the the trellis if needed.

Those plants will definitely need something.


While those supports are great when you have planned ahead. But in a situation i use the plants themselves to tie them up. Some bailing twine or just some string/ thin rope whatever you got and start at the bottom. I tie on to a stem that needs support and pull the string through the center of the plant to the opposite side grab another branch and tie that string to it pulling both branches toward each other to support each others wieght. I dont have a pic. Ill take one tomarrow though. Simple concept that works well without putting up any sticks or damaging roots. I learned it up in here. @Cannabian he showed me picks of how to support them without much hassel. Maybe he will be kind enough to show you too.


Thanks I would like to see how that works.

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You need support down low, most of your breakage will happen were the branch meet at the stalk, not up high were they are pretty limber. They break off at the stalk. So when you tie them together there stronger.
When you see the picture youll get it. I have other ways to support my plants but i still do it this way. Ive had big branches break everytime i dont. The wind and the wieght of the buds later on will get you.

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I tie branches to each other on opposite sides to counter the weight. I also tie weaker branches to main branches. I start off using teflon tape then switch to wire if more strength is required.


I just tie mine down with twine to tomatoe stakes from acehardware any of yall fighting the bugs this year and can you tell me what bug this is eating my leafs


That looks more like a predatory insect than a leaf eater. It could be after whats causing the problem.


Zoom in and you can get an idea of how it can go. Mine are not great, but it can save a limb.

Might as well show you the top half.
Im using 30 gallon fabric pots too.
Even in my greenhouse i have to tie them up. I get alot of wind and air flow in my gh.


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