When is the THC at its peak

A question from a fellow grower:

I would like to know when using a handheld microscope how do you know when thc is at its peak

THC is at its peak when all the trichomes are very cloudy, kinda milky white. The trichomes look like the little crystal beads that form on the buds and some of the near leaves and under magnification kinda look like a clear crystal mushroom forest and they will become cloudy as they mature and “ripen up”. This is when most people would cut them down for harvest, some prefer some of the trichomes to have changed to more than just a milky white and have become kinda yellow, amber/orange or even reddish or purple. The amount a color may depend on the strain, but generally the darker colors mean that is a sign of starting to degrade the THC and you may get too much of a sedative couch lock effect if you let too many get very amber colored.


Adding to the above reply.

If you want a more medicinal sedative type affect then a higher % of amber trichomes would be what you want.

If you want an up high to give you energy; You may opt for a lower level of cloudy.

I like the trichomes ot be as cloudy as possible without more than 20-30% amber in order to be stimulated. A good way to harvest is by taking the big ripe buds 1st. This is you main medicine allowing you to function well.

Then let the remaining buds finish and allow them to over ripen; (A high % of amber trichomes), for 2-4 weeks, in order to save some “couchlock”, sedative style cannabis