Cheching the THC

How can you check the level of THC in your plants or buds?

Maybe send a sample to a lab that does that sort of testing?

I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you asking on how to check when the buds are ready to be harvested?


I was just wondering if there was a kit you could buy . And I was asking about the plant itself or the bud . I don’t know anyone in a lab. But thanks anyway.

Well here are links to info on how to tell when your plant or buds are ripe and have the most THC in them and how to harvest them:


Remember harvest is a personal thing - what one is growing for medical or recational use. There is a 14 day harvest window for harvesting marijuana which is dependent upon “tic’s” color clear, milky/cloudy, amber each color is an indication of thc amount/potency - for the highest thc of a plant harvest when "tic’s’ are all cloudy/milky. Many cultivator like a 50-50 mix (cloudy/amber)

I assume by “tics” you mean the trichomes.

And ideally those should be 100% cloudy, with whatever amount of amber that you prefer. Some do almost none amber, some do 20% amber, and some 50/50 or more. The more amber, the more sedative or “couch lock” generally.


You are right - depends on what a person needs it for

This wasn’t even the question. Besides I’ve already ask and had that answered some time ago.One of your colleagues explained my question and even broke it down even to how long for each step .Rather weeks are days. Thanks anyway. Subject close.

Thanks . Since I am a beginner at this all advice is important to me . I’ve been smoking over 42 years and I’m just now trying this. So ya. Thanks.

Don’t forget, this is a public forum, not everything posted is just because you have your answer. Others could come to this post looking for more than an actual test for THC, and might actually want those links I posted, maybe they would consider checking the trichomes the same thing as checking the THC in their buds.

If you want very specific answers, you need to write more precise and detailed questions.

To very specifically answer your question, no there is no test you can buy in a store. These labs use very expensive lab spectrum chromatography analysis machines:

There is no reason to be rude.


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I Have a question for ya, which buds will the tics start changing form milky to amber. Top or bottom or is there no pattern?
Thank you.
BTW after nine months and numerous tries finally got my order-Yeah

I don’t know what tics are except that I don’t want them on my pets or on me.

The trichomes, or maybe “trichs” (pronounced trikes) for short, generally they will ripen in the buds that are closest to the light, or are getting the most intense light or sunlight, and so, yes, generally from the top down, but they should normally all be ripening pretty close to the same time if they are being grown properly.


Amber trichomes are indicative to decaying THC. So; The highest potency is before the trichomes have too high an amber %.

Now for pain relief; It is advisable to try and get 33-60% amber. :Couchlock" is translated to sleepy time for those needing clarification.

Someone mentioned above that there is a 2 week window for determining harvest. This is just not true. The window is from when you see a large % of cloudy trichomes, until you see enough amber to harvest. This can take a month, easily.

And; Yes! It is all a matter of choice, but be advised; Clear trichomes only show evidence of a vessel that will store THC. Until you see cloudy trichomes, you are lacking enough THC to consider a harvest.

I would like to know if it accurate to measure trichomes at the sugar leaf as opposed directily on the bud itself.

The 2 week window refers to when the plant is at it’s highest THC level - that would be all milky/cloudy color of tic’s - if one used for pain indica’s is a great strain and the % of amber mentioned and their for your plant will be in flower longer. in your case 2 weeks longer for the milky to change to amber (2 weeks past the highest :head" high as com[ared to a body high that amber gives one. Sorry for the comfusion

Why do you keep calling them tics? It is short for trichomes. “Trics” or “trichs”, but never tics.

And Latewood knows exactly what he is talking about.


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You want to look at the trichomes on the bud to be indicative of what is going on in the bud.


Thanks, I know it sounds obvious but I dont like disturbing the bud that much and
the sugar on the leaf right on the bud looked the same as the actual bud. Thanks

Hey i found kits but haven tried them
Looks lke they are in Oregon
Have no idea what exaclty they do.

I asked a similar question on this post i made

From my searches most are government institutions. So im just presuming that unless you are licensed to grow it might be a bad idea to go to them? Not sure if there are discreet labs out there