When is it too late to take clones

I am about 8 days into flowering. I want to take some clones but I am waiting on my light to come in. When is it too late to take clones ?

You probably got another 7 days before you heavily stress the cuts

I would just cut the clones now and put them in a ziplock bag (filled with your breath) and in the fridge, then you got up to 30 days before they start going bad. I’ve done it many times. Worse case, you can take clones deep into flowering but then you not only have to root them, you need to get them back to vegging, no big deal as I usually go 24/0 lights with clones anyway but just adds more time and weird growth.


It’s never too late, as long as there is some green stem for roots to grow out of. The farther they are into flowering, the longer it will take them to root and reveg, but it can be done.


Wait until first flowering pistils show before taking clones. While waiting look up “Monster Cropped Clones”. This is exactly the technique and the clone often is more vigorous than the Mother plant. I’ve done it myself and it’s crazy.


Great link. Thanks. I just read it. I have one regular photo plant just past a week in flower. I’m gonna try it tonight because shes a beautiful plant.


A couple of pointers: I use good old ‘Rooting Powder’ available at Home Depot and most nurseries, add a couple of drops to distilled water (no need to PH it) and I jam em in a Solo cup of Promix or coco. Remove about 1/3 of every leaf, put a clear dome over and 24/0 light schedule. In 10 days they should be rooted.


^ That’s the general direction I take also.

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Right on. Here goes. Thanks

I was planning on buying some rockwool cubes, but if you just put them in solo cups, It looks like i can skip this step?

Yeah lots of ways to clone, right into potting soil, rockwool cubes, plain water, etc… Currently I use a aeroponics bucket (an octocloner - $50 on amazon) and am very happy with the speed of rooting I get with it, clones rooted and ready for planting in 10 days and I never lost a clone with it.

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