When every day is the same length

Greetings, Earthlings! I live in Ecuador at -4 degrees longitude. The difference in the length of days is insignificant. But, somehow plants do flower here, but when, I do not know. Any ideas how to induce flowering other than making a dark room for each plant?

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Welcome buddy! Ecuador no shit? that is cool!
ok so there are a few issues with growing at the equator day length is the main one… bugs can be crazy too I’m guessing? :smile:

12 hours all the time…i had to look it up to check, so obviously I haven’t grown on the equator, but I have been interested, some saliva’s are from areas like Hawaii. :smile:

how much do u want to grow? inside? would solve a few issues, :smile:

or inside under lights then outside in greenhouses for flowering?

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Plants should flower under your day/night times. In fact I’d advise doing what they do in Colombia: Run a light over the plants and turn it on at midnight for 20 minutes: that will reset the plant into a longer day. Then when ready to flower, discontinue.


That’s an intriguing idea. They’re ready to flower now, tho. I believe I’ve spotted pistils on a couple of them but I still can’t distinguish from leaf babies. Maybe let them run their course and see what happens this round. Everybody in Columbia can’t have a drop light in the field. :grinning:

Indoors not an option. I may bag one or two to see if it makes a difference. As for the bugs, they’re not as bad as Florida and way better than Wisconsin. Thanks for your input.

You’ve never been to the Everglades in summer. Over 40 species of mosquitoes. The reason it’s a park is because it was just too hard to tame.

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I have been to Honduras, Costa Rico and El Salvador. It gets pretty humid there. They still grow tobacco all year long there. Well in South Eastern section of Honduras near Nicaragua.