4 month old plants not showing any flowers

My plants are in containers by my pool in a screened cage. I am feeding them the grow time fertilizer, about a half gallon a day per plant or more. They are all over 5 feet tall. I expected to see some flowering after the solstice, but no joy. When can I expect these beauties to flower, and if I have to wait for the fall equinox, I fear my babies will become rootbound or catch some nasty disease. Any preventive measures I should take while waiting for the buds?

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How many hours of sunlight per day in your location?

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6:30 - 8:30, 14 hrs.

The reason that indoor growers use 12 hours for flowering is because it guarantees flowering; however, cannabis is capable of flowering at <14 hours per day. Some plants may be more stubborn than others. I would expect it to begin flowering as the day-length decreases. At what point that happens will be dependent on the plant’s genetics.

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Yes, i know enough about plants in general and growing them outdoors. Your going to have to wait on Mother Natures timeline. She will cause them to start flowering in August when the days start getting shorter. When sundown is around 6 or 7 oclock is when. You will be harvesting in October. With the rest of the farmers in America… its a good feeling…

Thanks for the feedback. I wanna be a karen and moan about my poor planning that my stash is almost gone and I don’t have a single bud yet.
How bout roots. Only have 2 1/2 cu. ft. container. How bout prolific growth in Florida sunshine(should I prune?)

I do… i prune a few of the bigger stems off the bottom at the first through the 3rd nodes because all that will just be lower grade buds. I get some big fan leaves off the bottom and remove all the little growth going on at the nodes. Its best to do this about 2 weeks before they hit flowering to send all the nutrients into the very tops.