When does marijuana start to flower

A question we get a lot:

I m wondering how long should it take from germination till buds appear on my two beautiful silver haze plants

I suggest you download our free grow bible. Written by Robert Bergmann!

The grow bible is good for sure. Another thing I am learning at least with autos they are on their own cycle, the plant I thought was going to be the best producer is number 2, and my one plant started in dirt first and then moved is much smaller but awesome, she is the last pic (in the grow journal section) and just growing and watching was awesome up until I went AFK for just over 3 weeks. Pretty close to the seed description provided as it pertains to estimated grow. You have to be able to watch them for sure. Two things I absolutely need is a jeweler’s loop, and a ppm meter. I’ll babble all day, cheers and glhf.

Meanwhile. I apologize; hectic Holidays :frowning:

Plants will flower once they are introduced to a shorter photo period. Most of the time this happens a week to 2 weeks after inducing the 12/12 photo period. :slight_smile:

As a first time grower, I’ve never seen how buds form on the plant… I only know the finished product from photos and at a distance.

I spend a few hours, every few hours, looking over every parts of the plants… I know if I don’t do much of anything, the plants are still going to do what they do… I know how much I lucked-out getting a good deal on such good seeds pushing me over a big first hurtle… Any coaching I get can be the frosting that could top-off a number of, “Good First Grows”.

I have three fem Super Skunk Auto… They started off way better than I could have hoped for… If I go by days crossed-off on the calendar… none of the time lines I’ve looked so far seem to match-up with what I’m looking at, and I didn’t think they would (main factor for picking autos)… should not need to worry about it, or do I…?

They sprang-up so big and fast… stems like # 2 pencils, dark green (not light like in the description) almost blue edges, but fan leafs that span half the container… they came up out of the ground about 28 days ago, the tallest is 10 inches, the smallest is 8 inches.

The growth I’ve seen so far is about 8 nodules up the center stem with fan leafs, branches off them, and pre-flowers… I’m guessing all growth the past few days is stems and roots… this next growth spurt is why I bet you get most of the flowering questions- I’m expecting more branches, but I’m seeing wads the size of large q-tips of smaller thin leafs and more hairs like the pre-flowers… slow growing branches, or buds…?

The strain details say about 16 inches for indoor height… Flowering period very short (48 days).

Soo, if I don’t change from 18 hours of light (to push for more growth) will the plants just do what they are going to do… or will vegging too long work against me here… If I’m at 28 days above soil, is the 48 day flowering period when I drop to 12 hours of light.

The, “Strain Details” on the shopping page has me more confused now… My plants are growing about an inch each day… My tallest of 3 plants is 11 inches from the first nodule up (I might brig the dirt up to the first nodule for fresh roots during a last feeding for flower)… I might be reading the expected height wrong 16"/28"- is that indoor/outdoor, or 28" optimal…?

Another week puts me in that range… and a stretch for flower is almost my target height in like, 35 days…?

What I’m wondering is veg days being less than flower…?

Super Skunk Auto Fem- day 29… newest growth looking like it might be new branches… or, where I should expect buds.