When do I remove dome from seedlings?

With CFLs, you want them just a few inches from the top

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@HornHead Great idea with the water bottle technique, I think I’ll do that so they’re all in 1 line under the light. I wont know how much RH is in that single plant but I guess that’s okay since it has to be high anyways. I’ll use a 2 liter bottle if I can find one because my pots are 4x4" for starters and a water bottle wouldn’t fit over the whole thing. I guess it only needs to go over the plant itself though but if I can find a 2L I’ll just do that.

Thank you (:


Do u want tall plants or short bushy ?? If they stretch to where there lanky they’ll be taller. Everytime the seedlings that stretched to where I have to support them there always the tallest. Check my IG @Poormangrow