When can I harvest?

H have had 3 White Widows basking in their 12 hour light schedule for 101 days now and they still don’t look ready to me. I am hoping some experienced eyes can take a look and let me know if they’re maybe ready for prime time yet:

Their closeup

I know the pictures are only cell phone quality, but it’s all I have and with any luck they’ll be good enough.

It’s a small tent (18"x36") and they’re getting 400 watts of HPS light, which I had thought would be good enough but this seems to be taking way too long! I mean patience is one thing, but this is getting out of hand…

Should I go ahead and harvest now, or do you think I’d be better off waiting a bit longer?

Seems I forgot how to post pictures… any help here?

Pictures are gone my friend. Please come back and re-post them.

Here is a detailed answer to your question.

Or; Copy/Paste this link:

I’ll try linking to the pictures in a gmail inbox, but it seems there must be better way… any advice on this for future reference will be appreciated.

My old ladies

Ready for their closeup.

Interested to see if this method of posting works, but more interested in seeing it I have waited long enough!

You should post images in the img link provided above.

Rezize pictures to no bigger than 2 mb I resize mine to 1200x1600 or thereanouts, and they upload just fine. Whenever a member uploads link to photos at another site; I do not open those links. Thanks, Peace, lw

I tried the img button, but it keeps looking for a URL. I tried entering the pathway to the images on the computer but that didn’t work. It seems to me that I must be missing something obvious, but none of the buttons lets me browse my PC to find what I’m looking for to upload.

At this point I’m thinking that Valentines Day marks 106 days of 12/12 light and that seems as good a day as any to finally take the girls out so we can begin the next phase of our relationship!