What's wrong with this thang?

Is this just a deformity or is it a nutrient deficiency or what? Don’t think it’s too many nuts bc there is no nutrient burn on the tips of the leaves really been having trouble with this strain, it’s dark devil.

Can’t see anything at all with that lighting. Please post pics in natural lighting.


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What soil are you in (brand and type)? Are you monitoring runoff pH and PPM?

The pot should be filled to within a couple of inches of the rim. Happy roots = happy plants.

Fox farm happy frog and no i don’t even have a ph pen. Can ph make it grow weird like that? And it doesn’t look like it in the picture but but the soil is a couple of inches from the top of the pot and those are 1 gallon pots so i would say that the roots definitely have enough room been using these pots for a while and never had a problem. You can’t see it in that first picture but there is another plant right behind this one and it’s growing like a champ. Different strain though, it’s LSD.

Yes. pH was my first thought given the twisting. I suggest you get the ability to monitor both pH and PPM.

Are you feeding the plant yet?

Strain isn’t really relevant. Different plants will respond to problems differently. Cannabis is cannabis.

Yeah I’m feeding it a little bit started out with

Andthen just the other day i gave it some

And they turned 2 weeks old this past Friday

The plant isn’t big enough or old enough to have consumed all of the nutes in the original soil. You are overfeeding it. Nutrients aren’t needed in a FF soil for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant.

If you are feeding and not measuring pH and PPM, then you are flying blind. pH should be between 6.3 and 6.8 and PPM should be around 1,000. It is likely that your pH is too low and your PPM is too high. pH problems will cause what you are seeing as it creates a nutrient lockout and your plant can’t eat.

If you are going to feed FF nutes, you need to also be feeding Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. The Big Bloom you have contains micronutrients (copper, boron, iron,…) but it contains no nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.

Clonex is for cloning cannabis and is not a nutrient. If you want a root simulator at this point you need mycorrhizae. I would not use it until you get your plant healthy.


Allow it to continue to grow, if the mutation continues 3 more leaf sets I would accept that this plant won’t produce like the others will. This mutation shouldn’t spread like others.

It’s a common mutation that happens, don’t make or use any seeds produced from this plant else it will continue to get worse through generation after generation.