What's wrong pls help

These r my test plants bagseeds ph has been 6.8 day 3 in flowering leave limp purple stems

Here is my OG kush I ordered seem to be growing different possible mixed seed yellow leave ph 7 used used technaflora starting solution 50% flushed today ph much better

The first 2 or 3 pic’s

One of three things… 1 ) to much water
2) to llittle water or
3 ) your ph is to high should be 6.0 6.5

The last to look to be nutrient burn to much nitrogen I would just water only for a few days then just go half strengh. Just my opinion.


Thks will been using distilled water and rain water should get some ph down buckets felt light been giving them gallon each

Maybe your device can measure how wet your soil is cause the first two or three pic’s sure show the signs of over watering. Just a thought.


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Ok will back off watering device did show dry and I watered again been putting in sun for 12 hr light period and it’s pretty hot drying pot causing it to feel light

You see the plant looks the same weather it’s under watered or over watered. Well you just fixed your problem. It sounds like she was under watered.
If it’s hot as you say the sunvisvjust sucking the moister out of the pot.
I was thinking what if you were to water and place her out side when it hot. If you take some white cloth and cover your soil.
The white cloth would help reflect the sun keeping your soil better moist.
You could try it and see if it works out for ya. Just a thought.


Ok got a bag of perlite will that do thks for getting back to me

You. Know that mite just do the trick for ya. Wouldn’t hurt to try it. I believe it’s white correct.?