PLEASE HELP! My first grow needs help

One of my plants I believe suffered an exteme heat exposure and has purple stems as well I don’t know what to do about it it seems to be coming back to life the other one has yellow leaves and idk what to do about it I just transferred it to a bigger pot in hopes the pot was too small even tho it’s a small ass plant

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Purple stems are normal.

Are you managing pH and PPM? How many weeks has the plant been flowering? It may just be normal end of life fade.


Avoid transplanting when in flower. You look a few weeks in and it can really shock the plant while flowering. All my plants get purple stems, it’s usually from intense lighting. One plant looks to be about 2 weeks in flower, while the othed lokks to have about 2wks or so left.


Im not 100 % but transplant during flower is a no no . Way too much stress on plant. Yellowing can be normal depending on severity and where on plant. Do you measure ph and ppm. What are you feeding ,how often are your feed cycles, ect ect. There a lot that could be going on from under to over watering , nute burn to deficiency, pest. Light intensity temp . But going by what you said it probably shock of transplant. Do you feed cal mag? Sorry to be bouncing around. I remember my first few post asking for help. Theres a lot of information folks will ask for to help diagnose your problems.

I have tested my ph every step of the way except this past week I have been using rain water and not testing ph

I normally measure ph, not ppm I have been using rainwater this past week and I recently transplanted both of these plants I’m about to be home soon and am going to check soon

Looking a lot better today :+1:t3:

another question, both of these plants came from bag seeds, I recently ordered stable genetics online but I wanted to know if you think this will turn out to be good bud

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The buds look promising on the first plant, the one that isn’t as far. The one that looks further appears to be some pretty nice frosty nuggetry! I’m growing my first bag seeds right now outside, so I won’t know if they’re girls for a few weeks. Lookin good!

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Rain water comes in at 8 or above. Thats way to high . Thats lockout numbers. In other words plant wont take up nutes if ph is that high.

Damn I thought I could just use the rain water as is, do you think the bud will be any good by the looks, it came from bag seeds

It should be. On your next water measure ph, if its higher then 6.5. Continue to water with water ph’d at 6.5 till you reading of 6.5. Add some cal mag if you have it so the plant has something to feed on. Just make sure your p.h is at. 6.5.


Don’t have any cal mag but all I hear is good things about it I might have to buy some

I. No expert by far but , i had a similar issue on a larger scale. My ph was staying at 7.2 and ppm was i. The 2000 range. Got some amazing help from @Lostgirl . She got me back on point and my flower from that batch came out amazing. Even with the odd soil i was using. I also switched to advanced nutrients perfect ph. Bud candy and voodoo juice. It did wonders. I was at week 4 of flower of 9 week flower. And they still came out amazing.


At worst case you can use tap water just let it sit in sun for 24 hrs to dechlorinenate. Tap water has magnesium in it . But i recommend you get a ppm meter so you can measure ppm. My tap water comes in at 140 ppm thats pretty good for city.

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Thank you so much for the assistance! I will update and let you know how it is! I have a smaller plant right now that I’m about to harvest and I’m afraid of drying and curing incorrectly I’ve been trying to do my research on it

Most of the time that is what I do, I have never tested the ppm though but I will be starting to

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As i was told if you want a successful harvest you know ph and ppm . That way you can keep your girls happy. Also what soil and nutes are you using.

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Fox farm trio with ocean forest potting soil mixed with worm castings, im ngl I haven’t stuck to the trios feeding schedule

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Fox farm is very salty nd can require flushing before flowering stage. It may be just me but all my stuff had a cardboard like taste when using fox farm. I recommend trying advanced nutrients . It very easy to use. Simple measurements and ph comes out perfect all the time . Since using it i have had to adjust for ph at all.

What week of flower are you in ?