What's up with my plants? Posted for a customer

Hello support forum members!
Can you help this customer identify the issues with his plants?

-The strains are written within each pic

-I had them in a hydroponic herb grow station then I transplanted them outside

-The soil Im using is foxfarm ocean forest

-PH for all plants running around 6.2

-I have not started a nutrient regimen yet because the soil feeds the plants 4-6 weeks

-the plants are about 19 weeks old. I started growing them the 1st of March indoors in hydro then transplanted them outside 60 days later.

I’m on the east coast as well.
Please help and thank you.

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Is the yellowing limited to the lower leaves? How about pics of the full plant?

It’s normal for lower leaves to yellow and fall off as a plant matures.

The other discoloration could be bugs, particularly if they are outdoor plants. Capt. Jack’s Deadbug is a good product to address bugs.


Yes the yellowing is just on the lower plants

I see a bug. That is my first thought. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


First clean with some H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, your entire area around the plant.
In addition to Capt Jacks I’d fill the bottom of your pots with an inert topping like sand with a bit of DE for top dressing. Then spray the plant and soil and all over your pots with Capt Jacks daily for a week. Lightly spread the DE each night on top of your soil.
Do you have a bug zapper close to your plants??


That’s Just a tad low for the fox farms.
Be better at 6.5 - 6.8 for better nutrient uptake.

As well as the bug and spots mentioned by @HappyHydroGrower above.
Welcome to the neighborhood :pray:



Thank you for all yall help. I will get on it asap