What's up wit this

Maybe nutrient burn ? Someone else with a little more knowledge will come along and answer for sure.


Ill second that. Can we see the rest of the plant?

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It is nutrient burn , they were potassium deficient and I added too much now the grow room smells like fresh cut grass . How do I avoid potassium deficient plants when they hit flower ? I’m having this problem every grow and nothing is turning out . I try to remain organic . Do I add phosphorus and potassium to the soil when I’m mixing or wait till later

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How are you measuring and monitoring your feedings? Are you just top dressing?


Yes top dressing , I can’t find a routine , my vegetation game is great and it’s killing me when I get to flower

I used a little too much langbeinite 3 days ago and this happened lol .

The plants will make it but they are never potent

@anon1893985 i believe can add some insight to the top dressing and how and when

Let me grab @MeEasy @Storm @JaneQP they use Earth Dust. Organic and very canna friendly.


What do you need hippy…? If you will purchase Earth Dust base and bloom all your worries will be gone

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I believe that u may have abit of nutrient burn but i also think it maybe wind and light burn, sorry @Coonass i just realised i replied to you and not to the person who is asking for help

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Thx for the tag @Graysin


Are you in a living soil?

I (plus a few others) use a product called Earthdust. It is mixed in the soil and the soil is “cooked” for at least two weeks to get the microbes multiplying. With living soil the microbes do the work of making nutrients available to the plant.

You could try a flush to reduce the soil’s current load of nutrients.

The others will chime in with advice.

Best to you.


It’s all good Aussie :+1: hope all is well :pray::100:

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Yah brother all good

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