I think i have a problem with my organically grown plant

Hi guys i notice my plant is looking abit sad the soil had been re amended with worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and super worm frass the superworm frass was only done today all the rest was done about tqo weeks ago have a look at my plant and let know what you think the problem is here

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Sorry I cannot help. I grow organic also and it has not happened to me…yet. I look forward to the suggestions you receive so I can add them to my notes.

Aha ok not worries thanks

I am no expert but looks a bit like nutrient burn on tips?


Yah the tips im not worried about there is other leaves that have something else and my plant doesnt look very happy so to speak have a look at the third pic

I still reckon nutrient burn.
Do you just give it water?

Yah i cant do it now ive already watered them today

No I mean when you water ,do you add anything else to the water?

Yah im using a powder called phat bud by Nimbin nutrients i use that one a week its high in potassium

Nimbin Huh?
They love their cannabis there in Nimbin NSW.

Im using the one in the first pic for four weeks then i will be using the one in the second one for three weeks last part of flowering and i will be using the one in the third pic in those three weeks. Should try it its good for organic growing or bottled nutrients

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How long into flowering are you Tezza?

The second week of flower

Maybe just water next time you water?

What’s your temps, rh, light distance, and dli?
I notice the serrated tips are facing upward on them and some of the leaves look to have slight canoeing. Hard to tell from the photos because they are dark and far away.

Rh is 50% optimal level temp does fluctuate sometimes its normally on 72f but it does go up to 80f sometimes ive great ventilation im using four inch vivosun exhaust system i have another four inch exhaust system being air in and i have four fans goin aswell