What's the problem please?

Hi. This is my first indoor grow but i don’t know what is wrong. My box is 60cm x 40cm x 60cm with this light

Day temperature: 28,5°C
Humidity: 40-50%

One autoflower plant looks very sick

And other two plant(non-autoflower) are 8 days old but very small i think and they don’t looks healty

Please any advice?

Sorry for my english, i speak only czech


Give us a little more info Growmie. Medium you’re using, nutrients and age of plants. Are you testing the input pH and PPPms as well as the run off off these and your watering or feeding routine :love_you_gesture:


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The biggest issue I see is that your light will be enough to flower 1 plant. You won’t be able to flower more with it.

They look fine to me. What are you specifically concerned with?

The larger plant doesn’t look all that bad. Answers to the questions @OGIncognito asked will help us define any problems that do exist.


Welcome to the community!!! That was my very first light. I really recommend upgrading. It really isn’t enough for one plant. 150w per plant is a good rule of thumb. From what I can tell your babies look pretty healthy!


I’m using biobizz lightmix. PH is 6,3
Watering one per day and no feeding yet
And maybe a stupid question - what is the PPPms?

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Parts per Million = PPM

It’s a way to measure the concentration of nutrients in your grow medium.


Light isn’t really enough? My seller says: alternative from 200W HPS
What light would you recommended? I want some LED light. Price about 100USD

I don’t like the leaves ends. They have a different color than the rest of plant and they look little wilted i think

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Ohh thank you. I don’t measure PPM only PH

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Once per day is overkill. The older plant is probably root bound in that small pot. Run off PPMs would be good to know to determine the amount of nutrients in the medium. Watering or feeding should follow a drench to drought cycle with ample run off on those days :love_you_gesture:


Do you think that the pot is small?
Pot is 15x15x20cm - 4l
My box is only 60cm high
So i buy a PPM meter for sure. What abou light? Which would you recommend?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I’m no light expert by any means, and others will have good input. How many plants do you want to grow at a time?

It was mentioned to get 150watts per plant. I usually grow one or two autoflowers at a time, in 2-gallon grow bags, and I have two 150watt lights. Works just fine for my needs.

Perhaps you’ve read that LED lights using Samsung 301H diodes are optimal. Second to that are Samsung 301B diodes, and they are a bit less expensive.

If you only need one light and are looking to spend around 100usd, here are a couple 150watt options/ideas, if they ship to or are available in your area. With coupons that I see that are available in my area, each light is 110usd.



If you want to grow more plants at a time and can wait to save money, then getting better, bigger lights will pay off in the long term. HLG lights are great, if they are available in your area.

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Your biggest issue here is they are soaked… and they look like you have been over feeding by a lot.


Your plants are ok, nothing that will cause any big problems other than stunting their growth a little. Your light is way to small, I personally use Vivosun lighting ,200w per plant for vegetative stage and turned down to 2700 when started flowering with HPS booster lights. My grow room is a 24ft by 36ft converted solid concrete root cellar separated into a seedling area, vegetative are, flowering area and curing room. It looks to me like you may be using chlorinated water on your plants, big no no. If you do not have access to well water or rain water barrels you can get de-chlorinator to kill the chlorine in your town or county water before you use it on your plants. Chlorine is designed specifically for killing bacteria, micro organisms and will kill the microbs in your soul that breaks down the nutrients for the plant roots to absorb and stunts plant growth vitality. You can use sodium bisulfate or sodium thiosulfate to correct it if it’s bad or use to de-chlorinate your water first. I NEVER add anything that is not naturally organic including my fertilizer.


Welcome to the community!

I agree with everyone else here that more lighting would be beneficial BUT isn’t going to be your biggest issue being a new grower.

I see multiple problems here, ph lockout from over watering, nutrient burn from probably following the schedule and lastly not doing waterings to runoff.

That auto unfortunately isn’t going to amount to much, to much time has passed.
If you could give us more info about what tools you have PH meter/ppm we can help you use them to your best ability…

Let’s get your photos running strong so you can shoot for some solid flowers!



@ChittyChittyBangin how does one send a PM? Can you send me one?

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I have no clue. You can look me me up on IG though. Same name

I have to give props to @MidwestGuy . I think the two babies look good also. And the auto could have just been a bad bean “genetic problems” imo.


Thanks for answers guys
I am planning on growing 3 flowers - fotoperiod style SCROG.
Flowerpot (1 galon each), because of the box height which is 60cm.
Thanks for the links (Twelve1), but they are momentarily unavailable and in our country these products are very overpriced. I’ll try to find something similar.

Answer to james7: I am watering them with tap water
(I let it sit out of course). And I change PH with the biobizz Ph down.
to autos-only.
Ph lockout from over watering?
Is it enough to let them dry out properly then?
I only water them if the soil’s dry though. I don’t think it’s too much.

I use a simple Ph meter: https://www.priceorcan.cz/ph-metr-g-08-ph-0-14

(I have ordered a Ppm meter.)

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Planted the same day. One plant looks good today and the other not so much