Whats going on with the coloration on the leaves?

Whats going on with the leaves? Its been in a 3 gal of coast of maine stonington blend until almost 2 weeks ago when i transplanted into a living soil i made shes not tall at all less then 2ft probably like 6 weeks in veg under a 330w enjoyield LED at 300w right now hung at about 2ft above

All depends on your ph and ppm levels. I could say its nitrogen deficiency but I can’t justify changing anything without seeing or knowing what your putting into it. A low or high ph is gonna cause issues with nutrient uptake so if you ph and ppm going in and runoff coming our is good I would confidently say nitrogen deficiency but we need more details

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So as far as PHing my water I never have i have well water and I heard with organic living soil you don’t have to PH it’ll buffer itself out but maybe im wrong

I grow in coco, use bottle nutes, and use RO water so i guess im not much of a help. Some experienced organic soil growers might chime in here in a bit to help

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When it was in a 3 gal i watered in a compost tea seemed fine then like 10 days later the next watering i did a alfalfa SST and a couple days after that i noticed it looking like this and also realized it was in that pot for 3 and a half to 4 weeks so i transplanted it hoping that it might fix whatever was going on as well but I transplanted almost 2 weeks ago and have not watered it only a little bit during the initial transplant so hoping this gives you more insight

Appreciate the help man

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Too much light for veg stage which is pushing the plants too hard, take it down to half that, about 150-160 watts.


Is that what’s making the leaves look like that? I just ph’d my water and it was reading 7-7.5 tops but usually i add seaweed extract to my water does that raise the PH too much to cause the leaves to look like that? If it is the light then it only goes by 3 100w switches and a 30w red light switch so I guess ill just click it back down to 200 see what happens and maybe thats why its only 11" tall too lol i mean i trained it pretty wide but thought itd get taller only my second grow too

200 is better than 300 and maybe move light up a few inches as well. I usually stay below 200 watts in veg with the light pretty far away - like 30 inches. Yeah that would be keeping plant short as well. In soil I always ph to 6.5 anything going in. Don’t know what the seaweed extract is doing to your ph, check ph after adding it and see what the ph is, then adjust to 6.5 before giving to plant.

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Hi ive just been looking on the internet about ur problem and it seems to be more on the magnesium def according to the cannabis site i went to .so i would give ur plant so epsom salt


Yes that’s a symptom of pushing too much light, specially in the veg stage. But giving epsom salt (if not already) would be nice as well.


When i was looking at pictures of problems it did kind of look like mag def but when i made my living soil recipe epsom salt was added but maybe not enough? Or maybe since i just transplanted from a 3 to 15 gal the plant hasn’t reached it or absorbed it enough yet? Idk but whats the best way to feed epsom top dress or mix it with water and water it in the soil? Thanks for your guys input and help

Whats an organic way to PH up or down?

Yah look cannabis plants are very hungry plants u may not of put enough in but its fixable

If ur doin full organics like i am i dont ph my water cause the microbes adjust it for you so u dont have to worry about it ,i have checked once and the ph of my tap water was 7.3 so my ph would of been adjusted to around 6.8-7.0 I guess

Citric acid for down, baking soda for up.


Yeah my water was the same PH and im full organics i made my own living soil with a bunch of nutes i didnt add lime but i added oyster shell to the mix so it should buffer

If ur organic grower and u use mycorrhizal then u shoildnt have to ph ur water bit in saying that u just want to make sure that ur water isnt a ph of 8.3 if its 8.3 then u will have to ph it to 7.3