What would you do with a bunch of short Zkittlez?

Looks good even if you don’t get the trellis use some clips on the side so the pot and some wire and spread them out you will get a lot more yield some
LST training


Thanks for the encouragement! I’m actually just about to start a lst treatment now. I did a tiny bit of defoliation earlier today and found the growth on the bottom is finally big enough for me to get some ties around it and pull it open a bit. Things are starting to move along a lot faster now :smiley:

Aaaaannnd, we have mites now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After snooping around on the web, I’m not that concerned about the mites, they’re likely good for the soil. What I am kinda worried about is, why are they here, what are they eating? I’ve been in a fight with fungus gnats for about a week now as well and I notice that #2 is always a little heavier than the rest on days I water. Could I be getting a moldy pocket of soil in there that’s feeding all these bugs? Would skipping a watering on #2 until she’s not as heavy be worth a try?

Forgot to mention that #2, the heavy one, always has the most bugs when I pull them out to spray them down.

Well, they’re looking good, they really want to be bushes rather than trees though.


They started showing sex with first pistils 3 days after lights flipped. Now they’re stacking bud sites. Still not very tall but there’s a lot going on under those fan leaves.


#1 has always looked the best out of the 4. She has nice structure, long tall colas and lots of buds from top to bottom. This morning, at lights on, I checked in to see how everyone was doing and found these on her.

I went through the whole plant with a magnifying glass and an X-acto knife and she’s pretty full of balls, maybe one or 2 branches didn’t have them

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Balls! Good catch @Mosquitohawk.

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I really don’t want to kill this plant, she’s been my favorite since flipping to 12/12. I think I’m going to try to find another home for her.

Be careful of the pollen. It can be very sneaky.

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Yeah, she can’t stay here. I have 2 100 watt lights I’m not using right now, VIVOSUN aero light and an old vipar spectra blurple thing with the veg/flower switches. Do you think that’s enough to finish her out? I know a guy who is dying to grow but I don’t think he has any equipment yet.


I don’t know anything about those lights but he should get some decent buds if he used at least two of them if not all three. Good luck with it. They will be full of seeds but what the heck. Most of our weed had seeds back in the 70’s.


I successfully re-homed her, my youngest son and his gf adptoed her and she can live her whole life now😃


Week 3 flower, they’re all happy, even #1 is looking good after exile and getting used to her new surroundings.


Starting week 4 flower. Buds are starting to get a little chonky :grinning: plants are THIRSTY, watering every other day and by lights out the pots are light as a feather to he past 2 days so probably going to go to watering every day now.

I didn’t think I’d see this much frost so soon. I wish I could smell them, got sick a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to smell a thing since :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Beginning of week 6 now, I was too busy to make a post for week 5. Well, we’re all full of seeds now, number one pollinated the whole tent when she hermed. Good thing I’m old enough to not be that bothered by seeds. My sense of smell is slowly returning and I can smell these girls now, they smell great and are super sticky. Girls are getting fat and overall I’m pretty happy :grinning:

Number One is looking pretty sad in her new home, she misses her big bright light and expensive nute line. She’s only about half the size of her sisters and pistils have all receded mostly

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Week 8 of flower starts tomorrow. Looking like they’re going to finish up right on time. #4, the runt, has a really nice fade going on and all the buds are nice and dense. The herm stopped producing balls a few weeks ago and was looking pretty sad and weak so I brought her back to finish up under the big light, she’s trying hard to pack on mass but she only has maybe 1/2 the trichomes of the others.