What type of deficiency is this? Pics Included

Hey guys, I’m in week 6 flowering and I just cut these fan leaves off my plant. Can anyone give me a diagnosis on what specific deficiency we’re seeing here? Any input is much appreciated!

It might not be specifically a deficiency, per se, often deficiencies or toxicities can be caused by a pH too far out of range, just something to keep in mind. So what is your pH at the roots zone?

Giving related information could help us help you. For example, what type of soil mixture you are using, are you using any sort of feeding regiment and if so what type of nutrients and how often? A nutrient concentration reading of the root zone could help, or maybe a TDS reading of the run-off?

In the mean time you can check out our guides section which has a lot of diagnostic articles and pictures that could be of great help:

And if I had to guess right off the bat, I’d say it is a most likely a potassium deficiency, especially as you are in flower, and during flowering you might often need to increase potassium and or phosphorus.

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Thank you for the response.

-My pH at the root zone is 6.5.
-The soil I’m using is Happy Frog potting mix.
-Growing with a 600w HPS bulb.
-I usually do the FeedWaterWaterWater regimen.
-Sometimes I water more times in between feedings.
-I’m using Botincare’s Cal-Mag and Silica Blast along with General Hydro’s Flora Trio.
-I usually add a little Cal-Mag and Silica Blast every other watering.
-The last TDS runoff reading I got was 750ppm.

You might want to try Feed, Water Feed, Water regimen. Monitor new growth for success.

What ppm is your solution when you mix it up?

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In vegetative I fed at 200ppm and watered with Cal-Mag at 100ppm.

In bloom I only fed her twice at 500ppm per feeding and watered with Cal-Mag at 100ppm.

The runoff was always high though because of my soil (600+ppm). I didn’t feed her but like 5 times through the whole process. I was trying to avoid high runoff PPMs and I guess she somehow was underfed?

You are feeding your plants too weak of a solution. IN flower 1200-1500max,

Early veg 400-800 ppm
Transition 1000-1200 ppm

Seedlings and clones; No nutes or Liquid Karma (I now use Liquid Karma from the start. Once seed pops. I water with Botanicare Liquid Karma 1 Tbs. per gallon :slight_smile:


Do you recommend these PPM levels when using a 400w in veg and 600w in flower?

I would say yes, I have often heard to use 1200 ppm in soil for vigorous growth.


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So help me out here… Does the quote mean to check the pH of runoff water?
Heard you should run it thru like a coffee filter?
And let the water sit for 24 hours?

Whats true/false, what is best practices?